Your life - your data


We must make an end to the harvesting of your sensitive data and that knowledge about your beahvour on the net is abused commercially on in other ways.

CitizenKey is a new digital framewok, that empower you to act and transact on the net without being digitally identified or tracked. For each new purpose or action you created a new identity customized to purpose. A socalled Trustworthy Identity derived from root identity.

It is your data

You decide which data to share as part of a specific action. There are big differences as to what a shop, a telco or your bank need to know about you. You as a person or organisation become your own databroker empowered to e.g. establish a legally binding agreement without the counterparty knowing who you are as long as you fullfill the obligations that are part of the agreement.


Health data are sensitive personal data. With CitizenKey you can get a signed diagnosis from your doctor and the answer to a test from a lab, and use them validated in another context without being identifiable.

The same principles kan support distributed health research and analysics in all your data without anyone building intimate profiles of you.

Security by Design

CitizenKey provide a unique oppourtunity to upgrade solutions to Security by Design: An approach that makes promises and law almost superfkous as it prevents abuse and most criminal acts. In principle CitizenKey makes it possible to fullfill all legitimate security requirements without identifying citizens.

We build
on top as an add-on ...

CitizenKey does not require Big Bang replacement of existing systems. Instead CitizenKey is designed to integrate as an add-on to existing security models and wrap existing applikationer and devices ind to support a gradual upgrade.

... and
cleans up

Internet do not forget and do not forgiv, and we are all already profilled in numerouys public or commercial databases using data for other purposes than you agreed to. But if you in the future or next transaction can share data wihout being recogniced, the shared data cannot be linked to other databases and the data created in the process cannot be abused aginst against you.


If you want to know more about the project, then send us a message and we will return.

About CitizenKey

CitizenKey is developed by Priway ApS, and will be implemented and made available in Denmark on a non-profit basis through Citizen First (under etabslihment).